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The best attorneys for employment law The Law Office of Hewgill and Cobb is devoted to protecting the rights of working people. If you need an employment law attorney San Diego we are the perfect law firm to help with your situation. Our partners entered legal practice with the goal of acting in solidarity with working people. We have organized our practice and services in San Diego to that end, ranging from labor and employment law, to representing workers injured while on the job.
We are committed to competence, results, and fighting for justice. We take every one of our clients and case on with the utmost seriousness, commitment, and zeal. Your case is more than simply work to us. When you talk to our San Diego employment attorneys you can expect to receive the personalized, vigorous, and thorough representation you deserve.

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Speak to our experienced lawyers if you need help with:

Wage Theft

Employees deserve to be paid all of their wages. However, all too often, employers steal from their employees’ wages to make higher profits (this is called wage theft). This is referred to as ‘wage theft’ and can happen in many different ways. You may be a victim of wage theft if you are:

  • -being misclassified as an “independent contractor”
  • -being misclassified as “exempt” unpaid overtime
  • -being forced to work off of the clock
  • -not being allowed to take meal breaks
  • -not being allowed to take 10 minute rest breaks
  • -being paid less than minimum wage
  • -not being paid your tips
  • -not being paid commissions, or promised bonuses

We are the leading San Diego employment attorneys in wage and hour law and are dedicated to making sure you are paid what you deserve. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Work Place Injuries & Workers Compensation Attorney

Injured workers deserve to receive competent medical attention, and to be compensated for the income they lose due to temporary or permanent loss of the ability to work. Unfortunately, employers and their insurance companies make it very difficult for injured workers to receive the benefits to which they are entitled. Our workers compensation attorneys work diligently to help injured workers access the best medical treatment, and compensation available in the workers compensation system. We want to help you put your workplace injury behind you and get you back to work.

Discrimination & Wrongful Termination Lawyers

Despite California being an “at-will” employment status state (as well as every state in the union except Montana), workers can still be wrongfully terminated for many different reasons. You have protections if you fall under one of a number of categories.

Do you need to contact a San Diego employment lawyer because:

  • -You rejected a sexual advance by your employer?
  • -You did not tolerate sexual conversations by your employer?
  • -You are pregnant?
  • -You come from a different country?
  • -You reported an unlawful activity by your employer?
  • -You complained about unsafe working conditions at work?
  • -You were injured at work?
  • -You are disabled?
  • -Your race?
  • -Your sexual orientation or preferred gender identity?
  • -You took time off work to take care of a sick child (or loved one)?
  • -Your religion or spiritual beliefs?

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These are only a few, but not all, of the examples of how your employer can discriminate against you and wrongfully terminate your employment in San Diego. We have experience in representing workers using the protections found in State and Federal law, to obtain justice for workers who were wrongfully terminated. If you need to contact a employment law attorney San Diego call our friendly staff at 619-432-2520

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