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Meet The Team

Justin Hewgill

Justin_HewgillJustin Hewgill is a Partner at the Law Offices of Hewgill and Cobb.

Justin has focused his legal career on the needs of working people, and the needs of social movements by and for working people, most notably the labor movement. Justin has extensive experience in employment law, labor law, landlord-tenant law, and plaintiff-side tort law.

Prior to entering private practice, Justin was the supervising attorney at the Employee Rights Center, a non-profit organization which seeks to represent workers in a breadth of legal concerns. At the Employee Rights Center, Justin supervised a team of volunteer lawyers, law students, and support staff in prosecuting cases and enforcing the employment and labor rights of the Center’s clients. more

Efaon Cobb

Efaon_CobbEfaon, pronounced “E-fawn”, Cobb is a Partner at The Law Offices of Hewgill and Cobb.Efaon is devoted to representing working people in a wide range of employment and labor law matters. Efaon’s practice includes vigorously representing employees in all forms of harassment and discrimination (i.e. sexual, gender based, racial, disability, sexual orientation, as well as others), and wrongful termination and retaliation. Efaon is experienced in handling wage and hour matters, including meal and rest break violations, and actions for overtime pay. more